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BSHP Indianapolis I-69

I-69ConstructionBridgestone HosePower – for the third straight year – has made a tremendous contribution to thephoto expansion of I-69 in Indiana. Located in a very remote  area of southern Indiana, this project  would have proven more  difficult  without the on-site Bridgestone HosePower mobile service. Our Hoseboss mobile fleet had made a real difference in eliminating downtime due to hose failure. Its convenience made the repair and replacement of hose failures quick and easy. The equipment was back up and running quickly which eliminated costly downtime. According to Edward Lynn, a Bridgestone HosePower MSST (Mobile Sales & Service Technician), has been working on the project for 3 years. This extensive project is in full swing. Edward describes how there are hundreds of pieces of equipment that require hoses of all types. He stated  the amount of Kolb Grading equipment utilized was initially overwhelming (see video screenshot above or click here to view video) Bridgestone HosePower has played a major roll in keeping Kolb, Milestone, E and B Paving, Milstone Webber, and others’ equipment operating and ultimately keeping everyone working on time to complete this project!

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