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IMG_2797David Gorham,branch manager for Boston’s Bridgestone HosePower location, started working in Boston for his father as soon as he could drive. The family business was a fire equipment distribution company that his grandfather started in 1912. They started out repairing and selling fire equipment of all sorts to Municipal Fire Departments as well as selling products to industrial and construction fire fighting and safety needs, which included lots of hose. In 1994, Now known as Bridgestone HosePower Boston branch began as a hose company called Maxequip, named after Branch Manager David Gorham’s son, Max. Soon after a customer asked for large diameter hose, Maxequip helped solve some problems for the customer and soon became the first and best customer for many years to follow. David then thought the hose business could be a good thing for his young family. At that time there were some large construction projects starting up in Boston. The “BIG DIG”, Boston’s Ted Williams’ Tunnel, and a federally funded clean up of Boston Harbor which needed a massive water treatment facility (and some world class engineering) to get it done. These projects all spelled a need for miles of hose. “If it’s underground, or needs to go through the ground, chances are there will be lots of hose needed. And there was.” said David. David continues that “20 years later we are still at it, we learned a lot along the way and gone through ups and downs and we’re still around to help customers get their jobs done. We thought the hose business was a good idea we had nothing except knowledge. I got a cell phone (they were large and bulky back then), rented a big warehouse on the water and started to set up a hose company. The furniture consisted of some milk crates and an old door for a desk. I hired an old standout in the hose business named Reggie Chatterton. He and I would answer the phone while we watched lobstermen pulling traps from the harbor outside our window. Classic Boston Harbor.”image1

More about Maxequip and Bostons Big Dig
Boston’s “Big Dig” project started out with a budget of $3.2 billion and ended up costing $12 billion and taking over 10 years to complete, Some say it’s still going. The Maxequip facility was less than a mile away from the heart of it all, the location was extremely important. The project spans the south side of the city to the north and basically puts 8 lanes of traffic under the city sometimes three, four and five stories deep for 3 or 4 miles. The process was extremely complicated as it involved moving and upgrading utilities that were 100 years old, it included moving underground, and above ground, transportation systems, subway stations and the like. All this was happening while the city kept the old highway above ground working smoothly to move the masses of cars through the city each day.

“The machinery involved was amazing, Some European engineered machines “all metric hydraulics” were introduced and we all received a steep learning curve on metrics. The contractors relied heavily on slurry wall construction up to 150 feet deep
(picture lots of large bore hydraulic hose now). At that time, mobile hydraulic repair consisted of parking a big crimper in the back of a pick-up truck. It wasn’t as pretty as the rigs we run now but the job was done.” stated David. “Another aspect of the job involved building large pieces of road, 6 lanes wide and 1000’ feet long in a graving dock, then buttoning up the ends essentially making a boat and then floating them out into the waterway, sinking it into a trench that was cut into the bottom of the waterway , attaching 2 more pieces together creating a tunnel under the Boston’s Fort Point Channel. The feats of engineering were exceptional and they all used lots of HOSE. This job, one of dozens, was a standout in hose usage of all kinds.”

Tom Wiley, Hose tech
Jose Lieva, Hose tech
Erik Ely, Inside sales
Charlie Berg, Operation manager
Fred Roberto, sales
Kevin Rourke, sales
David Gorham, branch manager

Branch Capabilities
Specializes in industrial and hydraulic hoses in all sizes from ¼” air to 30” and any end configuration you can think of as well as custom made products for any application.

Some Industries Serviced
Construction, OEM, transportation, Marine ( We are on the waterfront in Boston harbor )

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