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Superior Quality – Superior Service

At Bridgestone HosePower we constantly strive to provide a superior quality product.
Our composite hoses – the CPXX line – is no exception. Our CP hoses, while
maintaining the same pressure as comparable rubber hoses, are lighter in weight,
more flexible and age slower. If all of the features of composite hose weren’t enough
we decided to add one more. We pressure test 100% of our composite hoses. No,
that is not a typo. Bridgestone HosePower actually tests every composite hose that
leaves the HosePower ultramodern Industrial Hose Build Center which is capable of
crimping up to 12 inch composite hose. At Bridgestone HosePower superior quality
and superior service is our business model and we will continue to keep it that way
with every new product we release.
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