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Crimper Corner

CrimperCornerFX21EWe would like to address an issue that effects all users of Finn Power, FX200, FX300, & FX400IMG_1135 crimping machines. We have noticed that machines that are sent in for repair have loose and/or damaged die holding pins.


There are a few reasons for this. First & foremost, the pins need to be tightened IMG_1140to the die segment. It’s quicker to leave them loose in case of a pin change out, however, by not following this procedure it can cause a couple of issues. Over time, a loose pin will back out and when installed in the machine it will allow the die segment to be loosened and become more susceptible to breaking. It also damages the threads in the die segment. When this happens, the pin cannot be tightened all the way.


The only way to correct the damage to the threads is to chase them with an 8mm X 1.25 bottomIMG_1137 tap. One can be purchased locally or from the Bridgestone HosePower machine service center. Attention should also be paid toward mixing different brands of pin in other crimping machines. The Finn Power and FX400 pins will interchange. The FX200 & FX300 machines require a different pin. The threads are the same but the length is different. They will work in a pinch, but prolonged use will cause damage. Please keep this in mind when you have a pin issue. For crimper questions or concerns please contact cculbreath@hosepower.com.

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