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Orange Park Shipping Department


BRIDGESTONE HOSEPOWER Corporate Office supplies products to all 36 branches. In 2015 we processed approximately 1,170 outbound truck shipments with a total weight of nearly 1,498,451 lbs, which is approximately 11,000 pallets. There were roughly 227 containers received. The number of lines was 74,722, which were transfers to branches only. It is estimated that the shipping department has processed 15% more this year!

To keep inventory organized when containers come in, the products on the floor are shuffled around to make room for the new inventory. It’s like a puzzle, everything is rearranged around until it can be moved into its final spot within the warehouse.

Well-organized and well-managed inventory is a huge stress reliever for everyone. It makes a work environment a more productive place. There are many ways to assist in the simplification of inventory management.


The shipping department team goes non-stop. Even in the Florida heat everyone is going full bore throughout the day to make sure all inventory coming in and out gets to where it needs to be. Everyone has their strengths and certain attributes that help out around the department.

Michael Hunter and his team are doing a great job maximizing inventory management. Keep up the good work!



INVENTORY MANAGEMENT in a warehouse can be challenging, but these innovative ideas will help keep our warehouse organized and, ultimately, will improve efficiency and make the entire warehouse more productive by saving time and cutting costs.

Here are a few things to improve/help make our shipping department operate more smoothly:
1. Email is the best form of contact – It helps for better job distribution within the department

2. Too much information is better than too little – Fill out all necessary instructions regarding product inventory for optimal organization for inbound and outbound inventory

3. 80% of “must ship today” comes out around 3pm – If there is knowledge of “must ship today,” it would be more efficient and helpful if they came out as early as possible

Stephenie Green
Graphic Designer & Multi-Media
Orange Park, FL

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